Williams Property Services News – 21.08.18

Remaining supply of new Auckland apartments drops

What you lose on the round-a-bout you gain on the swings. When the developers find the inner-city market declines they tend to turn to the suburban market.

A large Real Estate firm believes the reason for the fall in the supply of new development of apartments, is due to the lack of available finance to developers.


Ryman to ‘grow its own’ tradies

Skill shortages and maturing Baby Boomers seem to be the driving reason for this decision by Ryman’s. To cater for anticipated growth in retirement home industry, Ryman has partnered with a national training provider to boost the number of skilled workers, as it prepares to face demand for retirement living.


Auckland consent blunder: 430 homeowners forced to reapply

Some home owners may not be granted consent when they reapply. Now the news stations are questioning why they aren’t automatically being given compensation.