Rubbish Attracting Rodents

With another El Nino forecast to last till Autumn 2019, the climatic conditions are ripe for an explosion in New Zealand’s rodent population, with the country’s urban areas worst hit.

Prevention goes a long way to stopping rodents entering your buildings. Rodents can squeeze through gaps they can get their head through. Look around your buildings and seal gaps under doors, around pipes and cables, broken vents, etc.

Rodents are excellent climbers and often enter at eaves, so best to cut vegetation away from the eaves and roof. Climbing plants should be cut well below eaves and overhanging trees cut back 2 meters from the roof.

Restrict food sources that may attract rodents, so remove pet food bowls after pets have fed and think of investing in a sealed time release pet food bowl. Your pet will soon learn when the timer is set to open and you won’t be losing money feeding animals you don’t own or want to feed.

Pick up fallen fruit in the garden, sweep up spills in kitchens and put food in sealed containers or refrigerators, do not leave seeds exposed in sheds and garages, etc.

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Tips on Rodent Control: