Garden Mulch – Auckland

Applying mulch has many benefits for your garden and trees:

  • It can help your garden to retain soil texture, temperature and moisture, which is especially important for your plants and trees over the hotter months, but can also help to prevent winter root injury.
  • Over time, as the mulch breaks down, it improves the growing conditions for plants, adding nutrients to the soil and plants.
  • It helps to keep weeds at bay, as suppress their growth.
  • Can prevent mechanical injury caused by weed eaters, lawnmowers and can also help prevent erosion.
  • Your garden will look neat and tidy, plus can reduce the amount of time spent on tasks such as watering and weeding, especially worth considering as you head away over the holidays.
  • You can enhance the look of your garden, as mulch comes in various colours. This can help street appeal and worth thinking about if you are selling a property.

But too much mulch can also kill plants. Two to four inches is the ideal depth for mulch around trees and shrubs. So why not get the professionals in to make things easier for you at this busy time of year, ensuring the job is done right and in time for the hotter weather and the busy holiday period.

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