Bamboo Removal Service – Auckland

Bamboo has many good properties, as it’s fast growing so can provide shelter and block out undesirable views. It’s very strong, has more tensile strength than steel (resistance to being pulled apart) and withstands compression better than concrete. It also has a variety of uses, like being made into furniture, panelling, flooring, clothing and bedding.

Unfortunately, it can have unforeseen bad properties, especially if you have the “Running Bamboo” variety, which can very quickly spread and invade areas where you didn’t want it and will compete with other plants.

Being a very hardy plant, it’s also very hard to get rid of it.

We can completely remove all Bamboo plants, dispose of the green waste and level the area. We can also replant it with more suitable plants or prepare the area for another project you have in mind. We can cover the area with weed mat and quality garden mulch, until you are ready to decide what you’d like for the newly cleared area.

We have diggers, stump grinders and experienced staff that know how to eradicate bamboo.

So, if you’d like a quote or have further queries, then give us a call at Williams Property Services a call on 0800 514 514.