Timber Fence Installation

The Timber Fencing Guys

Thinking about getting someone in to install a new fence around your property or getting someone in to touch up your timber fence?

If you are currently looking for fencing repairs or installation, our timber fencing guys are just the guys you need!

Who are The Timber Fencing Guys?

The Timber Fencing Guys offer a wide range of timber fencing services including fence and gate repair, full timber fence and gate installation, fence replumbing, fence post repairs, tree removal and fence line clearing.

With over 25 years of experience installing and fixing timber fences and gates, they strive to provide the most affordable, budget timber fences around the Auckland Region.

They have over 8000 happy customers and have installed hundreds of 1.2-meter-high wooden fences and 1.8-meter-high wooden fences.

From replacing hinges to removing your old fence and replacing it with a brand new one! They do it all!

Where do they operate?

Our timber fencing guys repair and replace fences all over the Auckland region!

Where can I contact them?

Their new website is now live! Find them at thetimberfencingguys.co.nz

What are timber fences and why install one?

Large, wooden posts, palings and rails are nailed together to create a wall or privacy barrier between properties or to separate sections of a property.  Timber fences vary in size, design and wood type.

Whether your metal fence is rusted, or your old wooden fence is rotten and falling over, installing another timber fence will save you time and money over many years. Timber fences last up to 15-30 years or longer depending on the wood that is used.

The Timber Fencing Guys use anything from pine wood to special dressed timber depending on what the client wants and their budget.

When do you install a new fence?

There are a few signs to look for when evaluating if your fence is on its way out and needs replacing.

These signs include:

  •  Loose, cracked or missing posts or rails.
  • Rotten or leaning fences.
  • If there is major damage or holes in any part of your fence.
  • Fences older than 30 years old.
  • If the fence isn’t giving you privacy or providing insufficient protection.

Why timber?

Timber fences last 15-30 years after installation and give you privacy, protection and property section boundary lines all in one.

Whereas metal fences only last 20 years and give you no privacy as they are see-through.

 Also, small dogs can slip through gaps in the metal fence, while wooden fences keep big and small dogs in the property.

How long does it take?

Depending on how long the fence is that you need installed, the builders work efficiently, leaving you with a brand-new installed fence anywhere from 1 to 4 days. If you have any questions please contact The timber fencing Guys here.

The Timber Fencing Guys – in association with William’s property service group.