Rental Property Maintenance Services

Whether you are moving out of a rental property, own rental properties or you are a rental property manager, we can assist you with all your property service needs!

We provide a wide range of property maintenance services such as rubbish removal, garden services, handy man services, water blasting services, timber fence installation and repair, section clearing and more.

Rubbish Removal Service

We know finding a load of rubbish on your rental property can be frustrating. Whether you are moving out and have made a load of rubbish and junk you need removed before you hand the house back to the owner or whether you are the property manager finding out one of the tenants left a load of rubbish at the rental property and now need to find a way to remove the rubbish easily, whatever the case, we can help you remove all your unwanted rubbish.

Our rubbish removal service caters to each client’s needs. Our 8 to 15 cubic meter trucks ensure we can remove your big or small load of household junk, single items, garden waste pile, renovation waste or even items in good condition that you would you like to go to charity store but do not have a way to transport them yourself.

Our professional team will come, lift and load your rubbish onto the truck for you and take it away and dispose of it. Whether you are the rental tenant moving out of the property or the property manager, no need to stress over the big rubbish pile. We got you covered.

Garden Services

Likewise, if you have trees or hedges that need to be trimmed or removed, have stumps that need to be removed, or just need a lawn mow and some landscaping, we can do all of these services and more!  

Timber Fence and Gate Installation and Repair

From post, railing, paling replacement, fence replumbing, gate latch replacements, concrete and reposting to installing a whole new fence and gate, for all your timber fencing needs, we got you covered on your rental property.

Pressure Washing Service

If the rental house walls, deck, stairs or driveway need a good clean from moss, dirt, or mould, we can come and water blast those areas for you.

Section Clearing

If you have large section on the rental property that needs to be cleared, whether it’s rubbish, bushes, trees, soil or junk, our team can come in and remove everything, leaving your section clear and ready to be used.

Handyman Services

If you have some small jobs that need to be completed around the rental house such as installing shelving, gate latch replacement, fixing a broken step or railing, or replacing a gutter, call in our handyman to fix it for you!


If you need one or more of these services, let us know by calling 0800 514 514 or emailing us on We are the one stop service company for all your property maintenance, no need to get multiple companies in, get our team in to do it all!

To learn more about each service visit our the websites below:

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Pressure Washing Service

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