Concrete Paver Driveway Removal

About a week ago, our team undertook a project in West Auckland which involved removing a driveway made of concrete pavers.
Luckily, our experienced digger operator has completed similar jobs and knew exactly what to do to uplift and remove the driveway concrete bricks so that the new bricks could be laid.

Our digger started the removal on Monday, slowly breaking up the concrete from the sides of the driveway and working its way to the middle, while picking up the concrete and placing it into our 0800dumpme trucks as it went.

The concrete removal took around 2-3 days to uplift and remove all the concrete as there were some thicker parts of the driveway that took a little longer then expect.
However, the job was completed to a high standard and the resident was very happy with the removal.

If you are planning on getting a new driveway installed and you need your old paver driveway removed, contact us today!
We can remove your driveway with our digger, which comes with an experienced operator, so that you can save time and so the driveway is ready to have pavers laid.
We remove concrete bricks and block paver driveways quickly and safely.

Email us a photo of your driveway today to receive an estimate quote for driveway removal.