Our Recent Projects

Its only April and yet 2022 has provided us with challenges and changes. However here at William Property Services we like to look on the bright side and recognize our dedicated teams work, as without them none of this would be possible.

Our team has pushed through the last few months brilliantly as we experienced timber shortages and a number of months with short staff due to Covid-19. However our team still managed to complete these project to the highest standard.

Junk Removal
Below is a photo of a truck load of household waste our team recently removed from a property in Auckland. This was one of many jobs they completed that day.

Fence demolition and installation
We were called to a job out west where the fence had fallen over due to old timber cracking and high winds. Our team came in short notice and removed the old fence and installed a brand new timber fence. Standing at 1.8 meters high, the new fence will stand strong for around 20 years from now. This job took our team around 2-3 days to complete and the results transformed the space tremendously.
Before and after below:

Stump Grinding
There is nothing worse than a stump growing back or a stump getting in the way of your gardening projects. Recently we were called to a job where a total of 5 stumps was removed, leaving the garden stump free and the area ready to have new flowers planted.

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