Winter Water Blasting

It’s that time of the year again when the rain continuously pours and everything seems to be wet all the time.
With such wet weather, home exteriors can develop moss and mould on the walls, stairs, deck and patio, causing health problems and making your property look untidy.

Why water blast my deck/walkway/stairs?
When left in a mossy, wet state, walkways, decks and steps can become slippery and dangerous for anyone who walks on them.
On top of this, wooden decks and stairs can rot if left wet all the time.

Why should I get my house exterior walls water blasted?
Mould on the outside walls can create respiratory problems in adults and children causing the family to be continuously sick.
Not only does mould and moss cause health problems if left unresolved, homes start to look run down, green and old.

Do you provide water blasting services?
Yes! We can give your home a soft wash to remove all the nasty mould and moss.
We also provide water blasting services for decks, patios, stairs, walkways and more!
If you are in the Auckland region and would like your house, deck or other area water blasted, please don’t hesitate to email us on
Our team has over 12 years’ experience water blasting and soft washing properties.

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